When should you replace the headlight bulbs on your motorcycle and How to do it?

It’s really dangerous to drive a bike when the lights do not function properly. People often ignore this feature and then get stuck at a remote place when their headlight bulb gets fused permanently. Know more at autodoc.co.uk .

A few signals can tell the ride the correct time is to get the headlight bulb replaced. When the headlights start flickering and dimming the bulbs must be changed immediately. Let us know more about when to change the headlights bulbs:

  1. Flickering of Headlights

The important indicator to know when the headlight bulb will get exhausted is when it starts flickering between off and on position. This happens after the filament of the bulb gets damaged. Besides this, after the electrical connections become faulty, this also results in flickering. Therefore, it is always advised that a quick inspection should be performed of the motorbike before starting any trip.

  1. Dimming of Headlights

The dimming of the headlight also indicates that the headlight bulb needs to be substituted. Dimming happens when the bulb gets aged. Before the bulb gets worn out completely the bulb should be replaced as dim light are almost equivalent to having no illumination on road.

  1. Burning out of Headlights

This is one confirm indicator that the headlight bulbs should be replaced immediately as the bulb which gets burnt will not produce any sort of light which means a complete blackout when you ride in dark times especially at night.

If you have sound knowledge of the basic task of upkeep of your motorcycle, then you can yourself change the headlight bulbs of your motorcycle. Follow the below-mentioned steps to replenish the headlight bulbs:

  1. Safely Station the Motorcycle: Your bike should be stationed on a flat area that is stable to avoid any type of toppling while replacing the headlight bulb. You can do it by getting another person to hold it or keeping it on the center stand
  2. Loosen all the bolts and screws: With the help of the user manual of your bike, identify and loosen all the bolts and screws which will help you in reaching your headlight bulb.
  3. Disconnect the headlight bulb: Remove all the insulations and covers that were protecting your headlight bulb. Now you can disconnect the bulb carefully without causing any damage to the glass. Clean the inside of the headlight with a fresh cloth so that no residue remains inside the socket.
  4. Install the new bulb: Now that you have removed the old bulb and have cleaned the socket and headlight from the inside, insert the new bulb carefully in the socket. Now do all the steps from 1-3 in reverse sequence. Put the headlight cover back in position along with the coupling, tighten all the screws and bolts.

Once you are done with this, start the bike and check whether the replaced bulb is working fine or not. So, always be ready with your vehicle, no matter what. Do not let anything stop you.