The Role of Springs in Suspension Systems.

You have a suspension to thank if you can easily ride over bumps and potholes in your car. Each vehicle has a different suspension set and varying comforts depending on the vehicle’s model and make. Suspensions make it much easier to guide the automobiles on rough surfaces so that the rubber of the tyres, regardless of road conditions, still grips the asphalt.

What are springs used for?

Various mechanical connections, like spring suspensions, hold the wheels in line. The suspension spring is linked with the car’s body and the wheels; its primary function is to offset rough surfaces and maintain high driving comfort. Secondly, the road must ensure that the wheels are in safe touch regardless of road status. The suspension system affects both vehicle strength and driver comfort. The origins cause the rolls to move upward to absorb bumps on the road and reduce jolt. A damaged spring can cause sloppiness and noise and affect angles of alignment. As long as you can drive, the drive is harsh, and the vehicle in an emergency would be hard to handle. In addition, other parts of the car may suffer from bumps.

Features of Redex springs.

  • The materials used in the manufacture of these components have the highest quality, and the heat and cold coiling technology is combined to provide the results of the best goods.
  • It results in higher compression, stretching and heavy load handling and defect resilience for the suspension springs.
  • For each particular model, the suspension springs are precisely based on the various vehicle requirements. Making them the best choice for your vehicle is the attention to detail in the manufacturing process. It ensures that the resultant spring can appropriately handle whatever comes its way.

These suspensions are suitable for cars that are manufactured under the following brands, including SEAT, AUDI, Volkswagen and Skoda.

How to install spring suspension?

It is a complicated task and is mostly left to experts if you can afford it. You will follow the steps and be perfect if you are in a mood to position some elbow grate. In addition, ensure that you have an owner’s manual for the specifics of your vehicle.

  • On both the front and the hinter hand, the first and final replacement steps are similar, and the steps to complete the operation are removed and traced.
  • In both cases, jacking is also the same.
  • You should detach the other pieces by your side; if you find any things that don’t make sense, remove them, and you can reach your destination.
  • Compress the spring around the strut. Remove the hat from the strut and avoid the bump. You can detach the spring, now do it on both sides.
  • Now you can replace the old spring with the new one with minimum efforts. It can be tricky to put the spring in its place, but you need not worry. There are specialized tools that help you in doing so. Coil springs Ridex 188C0064 are installed on the rear axle. Place a jack below the bottom control arm and start to jack up slowly.


So, as we see, springs play an essential role in the suspension systems. You must install them properly to avoid any issues in the future. Once you do that, the performance of the vehicle will get better.