The Joy Of Off-Road Caravans

Australia is filled to the brim with unique fauna a- and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. However, for those who want to escape the sometimes overwhelming crowds of tourists getting off the beaten track is an absolute necessity. You could stay at an out-of-the-way inn – or a bed and breakfast, however, if you really want to explore the freedom of the open road – and stray from the tarmac then possibly your best bet is an off-road caravan.

In years past the rugged off-road caravan was known for its utilitarian value, it was tough – but sometimes that toughness meant that the creature comforts of home were sacrificed. However, today companies such as Retreat Caravans offer models that combine all those home comforts with a commitment to providing off-road capabilities that make even the most far-flung destinations within reach.

That is not to say that you are prevented from enjoying some of the wonderful caravan sites that are available to those who call Down Under home. On the contrary, there are some wonderful semi-isolated caravan sites that are the perfect base for further exploration. However, for those who want to enjoy the calm and solitude of the Outback or the scenic coasts of Australia an off-road caravan is the perfect travelling solution.

Retreat caravans offer a wide variety of models that will suit any tastes. In fact one of their 2022 models, the ERV is the world’s first all-electric off-road caravan. For those who want to have as little environmental impact as possible, the green credentials of this off-road caravan are impeccable. However, in keeping with Retreat Caravans’ commitment to the finer things in life, this caravan will ensure that not only will your time on the road be as comfortable as possible, but also your time spent enjoying the relaxation that comes from being in the bosom of Mother Nature.

With a 4.4t Independent Suspension and a truss chassis – complete with sway control your trip onwards to your destination offers a smooth as silk ride. And when you arrive a premium audio system and fittings such as limited surfaces, anti-bug outdoor lighting, two exterior flood lights and a Microwave Oven / Grill, a wealth of electrical connections and a pillow-top mattress will ensure that you are coddled in the lap of luxury.

However, for those who want an ultra-rugged option, the 2022 Retreat Fraser combines toughness with luxury. While Daydream offers the best of both worlds. Add an external shower for convenience and a 3kg washer, as well as that premium audio system as well as a 12v Rangehood, a Mini Grill, and premium, stitched upholstery (and many other features), and you have the perfect recipe for that off-road holiday of a lifetime. 

But Retreat Caravans add value to the off-road caravaning with their department dedicated to making the entire experience that much easier. No problem warranty claims and repairs are quick and hassle-free.

If you want to explore the wonders of world-class off-road caravans then contact Retreat Caravans – or spend some time in their virtual showroom.