Take The Road Less Traveled With The Ground Breaking ERV Electric RV

Australia has some of the most impressive natural attractions in the world. From astoundingly semi-deserted beaches and golden sands to the arid grandeur of the Outback and the glowing green foliage of the Daintree tropical rainforest and the wonders of Kakadu National Park, there are almost unlimited options for exploration.

For nature lovers who want to wander far from the beaten path and leave the crowds of tourists far behind to enjoy the solitude of the unexplored, an off-road caravan or RV is a wonderful choice. But what about those who want to enjoy that sense of independence that comes from living off the grid – and treading lightly when it comes to exploring Australia’s natural wonders?

A World First

The off-road lifestyle and a sense of true independence have now come together in the form of the ERV – the world’s first fully electric RV. Powered by solar panels this RV makes the frantic search for gas cylinder refills or an electric outlet a thing of the past. And that means that leaving the tarmac and exploring far-flung attractions in places like the Outback is now easier and more comfortable than ever.

All the Power you Need

Depending on which model ERV you choose you will have access to a battery that can supply up to 14.3 kWh, charged by a rooftop solar array that provides 2,400 watts and paired to a 5,000 Watt inverter, a system that has been extensively tested (5 years of continuous R&D) by experts – and based on tried and proven off-road caravan designs to provide off-road enthusiasts with all the power that they need to take the adventure to the next level.

A Luxury Experience

But rugged design (such as 4.4T independent suspension, a truss chassis, 16 x 265 Wheels, and 12″ Brakes plus sway control) and proven technology don’t mean that the ERV will not supply all the comforts of home – and more. A microwave oven and grill make food preparation a pleasure, a pillowtop mattress makes each night’s rest a delight, and features such as an induction grill, Diamond Series upholstery, leather upholstery, and stylish black bathroom accessories make each and every journey a pleasure. 

Enjoying the outdoor experience is taken to the next level by two exterior flood lights and an additional four exterior lights. Add the premium audio system that powers the two internal and two external speakers and a wealth of electrical outlets of various types and plenty of USB points and you have the perfect recipe for that stylish and comfortable off-road RV experience.

Giving you the Choice 

The ERV is available in a number of configurations and a wide variety of floorplans – so that you have the choice when it comes to the off-road Rv experience that suits your individual needs and sense of style.

Take the time to visit www.e-rv.com/ download a brochure or take a virtual tour of the showroom and find out just how your carbon-neutral off-road experience will transform the way that you think about travel. Set your sights on the far horizon and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.