QR codes: great marketing technology

If you are still looking for creative ways to promote your business, there is a big new technology called QR code you need to know! A QR code is a barcode that you can scan with an application on your smartphone. The scanned bar code contains some kind of hidden content, a text message, a website URL, or a phone number. The QR actually represents a “quick response” because it allows someone to access and execute the content stored in the barcode on the fly. The use of QR codes is a fun way to engage your audience and show that your business is a sharp edge.

Some simple ways to use QR codes:

Add them to your business cards with more information that do not match such a small space.
Add them to the product package to promote your website or direct them to the product support.
Help people find your business using one with a link with your location on Google Maps.
Use them as a coupon. The user can edit it to reveal a discount code.
Place them on your website with your e-mail address or phone number.
Put them on all your business Paraphernialia and Swag.
How to create a QR code?

The creation of a QR code is very simple. There are several websites that allow you to very easily generate one. I used Kaywa. It provides a shape in which you choose the type of content (a website URL, a text, a phone number, or SMS) and enter the corresponding information and click Generate. Literally, there is nothing. Your newly generated QR code appears as magic on the left, where you can then click left or Ctrl Click (Mac) to save it to your computer. From there, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

How to read a QR code on my smartphone?

You must add an application on your phone to scan the QR codes. Just go to your App Store and search for “QR code”. I have an iPhone and I had several applications to choose. Some were free but I decided to pay the $ 1.99 set for Quiqr because it received a higher rating. The Quiqr application scan and generate QR codes. To scan a new QR code, click “Scan QR code”, then on the center in the box when it is aligned correctly, it will scan the code automatically. If a website URL is stored in the code, it will bring your browser and will access the entered website. If it’s a phone number is stored in the code, it will dial the number. Obviously, there will be differences depending on the application you choose and the operating system on your phone, but it essentially shows how easy to use.