Personal perceptions

Personal finance is a new subject in our lives. Manage your personal finances is very important for everyone, no matter who you are, how high your position is, how much your income is and how educated you are. There are no schools, colleges or universities that give subject to personal financial or money. If you think that personal finance is as important as your health then you can think of how bad our education system is. But, we should not blame only on the government. This is definitely our fault. I mean if you don’t want to take care of your own financial problems then you will put yourself in high level danger. Many people only define money and personal finances as taboo that should not be discussed. People will not expose their money problems and it is a very bad thing if they only assume that everyone faces the same problem with them without a solution. The situation shows that the problem occurs because of themselves. They don’t want to find out what solutions are available and can be used practically to solve their lives.

The only best teacher here is his experience. It’s about your experience or another. Both types can be used. Many people don’t realize that they face financial problems. The reason is only they don’t want to admit that they have it. They just say that because they have good work and economy, they are fine. They are right but what happens if they lose their jobs or economics down? Then they will realize that life is not as easy as they think. Experience will be their best friend. There are many books, journals, articles, and materials available on the market. The ingredients describe many ‘objects’ or experiences as I said before. They are many people in the world who are looking for the same information and have the same nightmare. Then manage financial problems or personal money will be as important as their health. The equation is simple. If you experience serious financial problems, surely it affects your health too. Thus, it is true if I say financial problems are as important as your health. They also have to open their minds for new things that happen in their personal world. The subject has many interesting things. Concepts, approaches, formulas and tips are very different. Say if you think that you have to work for money then you are in the wrong position / world. If you plan to get success in your financial world, the concept must be like this: money must work for you. It sounds strange right? But, it’s reality. You must know how to push your money to work for you. Then your life will be good what you dreamed of before. If you don’t believe this, ask his experience. That will tell you the truth. But you have to pay the price. Certainly.