How to lift a car safely before repairs

If your car needs to be repaired outside of a workshop, it’s important that you know how to safely jack it up in order to do so. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide detailing exactly how to lift a car safely before repairs.

Before you begin attempting to lift a car using an air hydraulic jack, remember to:

  • Never jack your car on somewhere such as a highway.
  • Always park your car on a level surface as this makes the jacking process easier.
  • Put your vehicle in either First or Park, depending on if you have a manual or an automatic.
  • Engage the brake prior to beginning to jack your vehicle.
  1. Firstly, place your jack beneath the part of the vehicle that should come into contact with the jack whilst raised. If in doubt, you can check your car owner’s manual for advice on the proper placement.
  2. Use the jack to lift your vehicle. The optimal jack lifting method is by using steady, even strokes until the jack reaches its highest point possible. Depending on the type of jack you have, you may either have to crank (scissor jacks) or pump up and down (hydraulic jacks).
  3. Once the jack has been completely raised, you should now place your jack stands beneath the vehicle close by to where the jack is touching. Once the stands are high enough, you can now lock them in place. Then, lower your vehicle until it is safely resting on the stands.

Note: You should never substitute proper jack stands for an alternative, such as bricks – even if they seem sturdy. Only ever use proper jack stand equipment in order to ensure that your vehicle’s weight is adequately supported. It’s recommended that you keep a set of jack stands in your boot as a just-in-case.

  1. Check the security of your vehicle before removing the jacks. To check that your vehicle is secure, simply give it a light wobble and ensure there is no movement. Once this check has been completed, you can remove the jack.

There you have it – how to lift a car safely before repairs. Now you can go ahead and carry out any of the necessary repairs. Once these have been completed and you are ready to return your vehicle to the ground, all you have to do is:

  • Replace the jack to its previous position.
  • Carefully remove the jack stands.
  • Lower the vehicle to the ground once more.

It’s a simple process, but knowing how to lift a car safely before repairs can be a convenient and handy piece of knowledge to have in the event you unexpectedly need to carry out a minor repair.