How to choose tires on SUV

One of the most prized possessions of an individual is the car that they drive around in they come in all shapes and sizes and with an equally diverse price range that ranges from a couple thousand to millions. However, SUVs are a segment in cars that is by far one of the most loved of all the others. This can be accredited to various factors and one of them is the fact that you can drive them on good roads, bad roads, or in the absence of roads and they’ll pretty much take it all.

The majority of the people give very less thought when it comes to picking the right tire for their vehicle, forgetting that they are one of the key factors when it comes to the performance of the SUV. get a tire too soft and it wears out very quickly get one that is not as soft and it gives you an uncomfortable ride. This is why taking the time to go through the different ones available and picking the one based on your personal requirements is a very essential step in order to have the smoothest driving experience in your SUV. drive through the options at and get the best one.

Longevity and material are two factors to consider.

One of the first questions asked when purchasing a tire is how many miles the manufacturer claims the tread will endure before it has to be replaced. Look up the numbers on the tire or the treadwear grade to find the answer. The longer the treadwear grade, the longer the tire’s lifespan. In terms of traction, longevity, and even safety, the rubber compound, particularly in the tread and sidewalls, is the unsung hero. The composition should provide excellent UV protection for the sidewalls, preventing them from decomposing throughout the course of the tire’s extended life, as well as improved tread surface grip in dry, wet, and cold situations.

There is a code for tires.

The numbers on the sidewall of a tire aren’t just for your technician; they may also be utilized to learn about the tire’s specifications. These numerals follow a certain pattern that might assist you in selecting the correct tire for your car based on the manufacturer’s standards. This shows several of the important characteristics of a tire that help you choose the best one for your SUVs, such as the speed rating and load index. It is extremely beneficial to educate oneself on how to read the numbers and alphabets found on every tire. 


Driving around on and off-road takes a toll on the tires and as they are the sole point of contact between the actual vehicle and the ground they face all the beating and battering of the good or the not-so-good roads and sometimes no roads at all as well. Depending upon your driving requirement you need to have the right set of tires on your SUV so that they don’t bail out on you at a time when you have no help available for miles and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.