Go for Hi-Fi and Smart technology with FUNTOUCH OS

It’s time to opt for the latest smartphones offering FunTouch bones, an interface for smooth running available applications. With the technology advancing every day, you must choose among the best tendent gadgets that are friends enough to help reduce your efforts.

User-friendly interface

A newly designed user interface, OS Fun Touch is smarter and easier to handle. In simple terms, it is an operating system based on Android that allows you to do a lot of things at a time, a task judged impossible so far. These user interfaces are an eye treatment when you look at the colorful and beautifully designed icons displayed on the screen. It is different from other mobile phone interfaces in conviviality and design because it has been developed to keep the interests and preferences of next-generation Android phone users in mind.

Intelligent operating system

It looks hi-fi and intelligent because of its unique Smart Wake and Smart Click configuration in your Android phone. Its iManager is a specialty that helps you easily perform several essential tasks. Thanks to its help, you can easily stop applications one after the other to save energy when they are not used.

Anti-virus very advanced

You may not need to download an additional application for the protection of your smartphone against various threats. It already includes an extremely advanced anti-virus application that provides overlooking protection against viruses, system vulnerabilities, unwanted file accumulation, payment risks and stubborn horses.

Single-touch optimization

The antivirus comes as a great relief because it helps us get rid of malware, which is a huge concern in Android phones. The problem is solved by a single-touch optimization in the FUNTOUCH OS to erase the cache and RAM at once and ensure optimal speed. In addition, if you are a music lover, you can use Sound Cloud to help you find your choice of songs and download it from anywhere. You can get musical recommendations based on the mood to find and hear songs that go with the way you feel at different times.

Guard mode, smart wake and smart clicking

Ask for confidentiality and Funtouch technology offers the guard mode to activate the unlock screen in front of others without exposing contacts, applications, or anything personal staff. This makes Funtouch Smartter Smartter compatible smartphones are its special features – Smart Wake and Smart Click. Smart Wake creates a magic when a custom scan template calls your camera, support, navigator, or other Android phone features to get a total touch control. The smart click works when you bring the volume to open the desired function. It offers you a personalized experience that you have never heard.