Everything you need to know about the Car Suspension System

The car’s suspension system is a very important aspect of your vehicle. It’s necessary to increase the car’s safety and comfort while driving. Without a car’s suspension system, you won’t be able to maneuver your car correctly. Drivers safety will be negatively affected. That’s why it’s so important that your whole suspension system is working correctly. From the control arms to the tires. Everything is important.

Are you not very familiar with the automotive system? And have you no idea what car suspension is and how to maintain it? In this article you’ll read everything there is to know.

What does car suspension mean?

When we talk about car suspension, we mean the whole system which concludes tires, springs and all forms of shock absorbers that are connected to the wheels. The car suspension system includes lots of important components. Each component is as important as the other. They work in harmony. When one of the components is malfunctioning, this will have an effect on the overall system.

Why is the car suspension important?

They work as a ‘cushion’ between the frame of the vehicle and the wheels. The car suspension system has two main functions. They make sure the car is able to maneuver itself without compromising the comfort and the safety in the car. They are a key element in the efficiency from the brakes and provide much-needed comfort for the passengers in the car. When the suspension system isn’t working correctly, the vehicle will be at risk. When not driving carefully, the chances are that the car will tip over and the passengers will be in extreme danger.

Signs of malfunctioning

It’s very important to maintain a good suspense system. But it is good to know that these components come with a lifespan. It doesn’t matter how carefully you drive. After a while, there will be elements that need to be fixed. Your driving behaviour will definitely have an effect on the length of the lifespan, but it is inevitable that you will eventually need to repair or change some components. Luckily, your car will exhibit some early signs of malfunctioning. This tells you that it’s time to take your car to a mechanic. Don’t postpone a visit to the mechanic for too long. If you wait too long, this can evolve in some dangerous situations. Here are some signs that might indicate your car’s suspension system needs repair:

  • It feels different when you’re driving. You feel every bump and dips in the road and the ride isn’t as comfortable as it used to be.
  • It feels as is the car leans more to the side when turning a corner. Sometimes it almost feels as you’re about to till over.
  • Grainy sounds
  • Visible damage to some of the suspension components (for example: the tires!)