Do You Know What a Garage Actually Does?

Car owners take their vehicles to a garage or workshop for maintenance and repairs. A garage is a place where you can avail yourself of various automotive repair services. It employs mechanics knowledgeable about the inner mechanisms and functions of different models and makes of cars. It is your go-to place if you want a professional mechanic to check your car’s performance and have it fixed. In addition, a garage can tell you if your car needs an MOT or service.

What does a garage do?

Knowing what a garage does is essential if you are a new car owner. It is a place you are likely to regularly visit, at most, every six and twelve months. Everyday services may include replacing crucial engine parts, replacing windscreens, or replacing/repairing flat tyres. You also need to visit a garage for your annual MOTs and vehicle services. Most garages are regularly busy with MOTs, so it is essential to find a garage close to where you reside. Most people recommend finding an RAC approved garage so you can avail of quality services, professional skills, and fair prices.

Repair services a garage or workshop offers

A garage offers a wide range of services, from minor to major car repairs, replacements, and maintenance. They will render services that may seem inconsequential but necessary. Even what looks like a simple tweak can mean improved car performance. Surprisingly, some experienced car mechanics can identify what is wrong with a car by the sound of its engine.

Many garages also sell car parts and accessories for different car models and brands. Some have new tyres for sale, so you do not have to go to another store to get them. A garage can replace vital engine parts and top up your engine oil or windscreen fluid. Other garages sell gadgets and accessories to enhance your car’s aesthetics.

You may find garages that will replace faulty electrical systems, remove scratches and dents from the car’s exterior, do welding, or paint the bodywork. In addition, some are experts at removing salvageable items from vehicles bound for the scrapyard.

Scheduled services

Garages offer scheduled services required for every vehicle in the UK. Service means the regular maintenance checkup after travelling a specific number of miles.

You need an interim service every 6,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. Your car requires a full service every 12 months or every 12,000 miles.

An interim car service typically includes inspection of the main parts of the car, such as windscreen wipers, tyres, and lights. In addition, the garage will do an oil filter change, top up all fluids (oil, brake, and engine), and perform a close inspection for leaks.

A full car service includes more services compared to the interim car service. For example, the garage will inspect the vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out. They will also check large and small parts, such as door hinges and locks, wheel bearings, distributor cap, brakes and tyres.

Choose the right garage that will provide the best car services, with knowledgeable and skilled mechanics to take good care of your vehicle.