Do Intensive Driving Courses Work?

Lots of potential students have loads of concerns about the driving test process. Can you take the test in your own car, for example, and what sat nav model will be utilised on the test.

One of the queries we hear most often at Intensive Driving School is whether you can truly learn as much in an intensive driving course as you can with standard lessons. After all, if you could conserve time and money compared to routine weekly lessons, wouldn’t everybody do it?

Well, the answer’s not quite as basic as a yes or no, but it would be challenging to deny the benefits of intensive and semi-intensive courses. In this post, we respond to the concern: do intensive driving courses work?

Do intensive driving courses work?

Put merely, yes! For numerous people, intensive driving courses offer a detailed, convenient and effective way of finding out to drive.

# 1: You have enough time to correctly learn your skills

One of the main problems with traditional hourly driving lessons is that, as a trainee, you can frequently spend nearly the whole hour dealing with a particular element of driving. Just as you start to get the hang of it, you then discover that you’ve come to the end of your lesson!

Now, you need to wait an entire week till the next lesson, where you begin once again from scratch. Intensive and semi-intensive courses assist enormously with this. With longer lessons, you have the time to work over the elements of driving that you have problem with, making sure you perfect them prior to moving on.

# 2: You retain information better

A common problem that students have with individual weekly lessons is that they find it challenging to maintain info between lessons. This is a real issue, especially if you do not have the capability to practice in a parents or relative’s car outside of lesson time.

This is because of a mix of factors, among which is muscle memory. Leaving a week between lessons is a very long time, and it’s easy for your body and brain to forget the complex motions that it learns throughout an hour-long session. We find that more concentrated lessons allow learners to maintain details much more completely. Hopefully, getting in the car and driving will feel like force of habit by the end of your course!

# 3: All the admin is done for you

With an intensive or semi-intensive driving course, the lessons and tests are all arranged for you in advance. This takes much of the trouble out learning to drive, compared to organising per hour lessons on a week-by-week basis. Likewise, due to the fact that the dry run is normally booked before lessons begin, you get a definite date to work towards. We find that this typically inspires learners to pull out all the stops when discovering to drive, which in turn leads to a greater possibility of passing!

What you need to do to be successful with an intensive driving course

Intensive and semi-intensive driving courses do offer noticeable advantages over conventional driving lessons, however that does not mean that learning to drive will be a walk in the park for everyone! There are a few things you’ll need to do to be effective on an intensive driving course.

First of all, you require to be dedicated. It is essential that you’re well ready mentally and ready to spend prolonged amount of times concentrating. It’s a great concept to try and judge what kind of schedule is going to be the most productive for you prior to you book onto a course. Luckily, both intensive and semi-intensive courses are offered, so there are different alternatives to fit everybody.

Second of all, you require to plan your time appropriately, you preferably shouldn’t have any other major commitments in the time period of your course. Especially if you pick to take a course on the most intensive type of schedule, you’ll definitely value being able to go house and installed your feet! So, if at all possible, ensure that you have the chance to do so. Again, this boils down to adequate preparation.

Aside from commitment and time management, all you need to succeed on an intensive driving course is a favourable mental attitude and a provisional licence!

For numerous individuals, intensive driving courses use a detailed, practical and efficient method of discovering to drive. With longer lessons, you have the time to work over the aspects of driving that you struggle with, making sure you perfect them prior to moving on.