4 Steps guide to get your driving Licence in the UK

To drive legally on public roads in the UK, you need to have a driving licence and should be 17 years of age. It is compulsory for any vehicle you ride. Here we will explain to you the process of how to apply for a driving licence in the UK. However, first, you need to apply for a provisional Driving Licence. Moreover, also you should know how to get your replacement registration plates in an emergency and the documents required.

Step 1: Applying for a provisional driving licence

In the UK, according to the law, you can apply for a provisional driving licence at 15 years and nine months but can start driving after 17 years. A temporary permit (provisional licence) is necessary if you want to learn driving and without it, you cant begin the learning process. To start, first, apply for it at the DVLA website and meet the minimum age requirements.

How to apply

There are two ways you can apply for a provisional licence:

  • By online: Applying online is an easy and cheap option, which may cost you £34
  • By post: By post, it could cost you around £43 and pay by postal order or cheque

Applying online

If using the online option, then you need the following documents:

  • Identity proof such as passport
  • Address proof, where you have lived for the last three years
  • Your National Insurance Number – check from HM revenue & customs (HMRC)
  • For £34 application fee

Applying by post

The following documents are required:

  • Identity proof
  • Colour passport photos
  • A cheque of £43 application fee

It takes around Two weeks to arrive by post. Once you received it, you can start to begin your driving lessons from any reputed driving schools.

Step 2: Book Your Practical Driving Lessons

The following step after receiving your driving licence in hand is to book your driving class.

  • Check on the lessons are taught in the driving school
  • Ensure who will be training you throughout the classes
  • He should be above 21 years of age

Step 3 – Book Your Theory Test

When you start learning driving lessons, the basics of driving, we advise you to give you the theory test. The earlier you start practicing; the better chances you to clear the exam. So, don’t panic.

Step 4 – Book Your Driving Test

When your theory test result is out, you are free and focus on your practical driving test. It is when your green provisional licence you can swap to get your red UK driving licence. Your driving instructor will tell you when you are ready for the driving test, which you can book either online or through a call. However, the waiting period is between 2 weeks and 12 weeks for your test.

For any weekday, you’re driving test would cost around £62 and £75 on weekends. When your examination is registered, your instructor will take a mock trial to help you to crack your exam on the day.

Things you must take on the driving test day:

  • Your provisional licence – If you pass the exam, they will take your temporary permit and arrange a final driving licence.
  • A car is a must to give the exam, but you also use your instructor’s car to deliver the exam.
  • Your theory test certificate, which you have cleared

Trust us, as we have helped thousands of people to get their driving licence faster. But you need to update your licence every ten years.  DVLA will be sending you reminders before your permit gets expires, provided you have a valid application that is not in past years for any reason.