3 Great Reasons to Get an Audi Q3 Sportback

The Audi Q3 Sportback is the sporty, streamlined brother of Audi’s popular Q3 family SUV. Officially launched in 2019, the model offers a variety of engine options, a sleek design and plenty of versatility.

The German manufacturer did a fantastic job at maintaining the best selling points of the standard Q3 model, whilst adding an array of sporty features that ensure that the Q3 Sportback is a fun car to drive.

If you’re on the fence, here are three great reasons to get an Audi Q3 Sportback.

Killer performance

Like all sport Audis, the Q3 Sportback packs a punch. The best part? You get exciting performance from all the engine options on offer. On the higher end, the 2.0-litre petrol engine produces 242 bhp and a zero to 62 mph time of 5.8 seconds. This is mega quick for what’s essentially still a family SUV.

Then there’s the drivability. You’ll find a sophisticated, smooth ride that offers light steering and agile handling. Forget long, boring journeys, in the Q3 Sportback you’ll welcome them.

Sleek design and versatility

Audi is famous for its top-notch interior design and this is no exception. Although cheaper, you’ll find most of the luxuries offered in the higher-end models, such as the A7 or A8, in the Q3 Sportback. Inside, you’ll experience Alcantara and leather trims as well as quality metal finishing that screams luxury.

The superb performance and gorgeous design will have you forgetting that this is still an SUV that offers plenty of space for the family. You won’t have to compromise with the Sportback. In the rear of the cabin, you’ll find a feature that’s missing from many of its competitors – reclining seats. You’ll also find the same 530L sized boot as the standard Q3 model. Talk about not cutting corners.

Value for money

The sportiness, sleek design and surprisingly roomy cabin make the Audi Q3 Sportback a great value proposition. Especially when you compare it with its close competitor – the Range Rover Evoque, which offers similar specs but for more money. The key here is that you’re not compromising. The Audi Sportback Q3 proves that SUVs don’t have to be boring.

A new Sportback will set you back around £32,000 for an entry-level trim, whilst a low mileage example can be had for a little less. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a good value deal with lower monthly payments, look to lease an Audi from Car Leasing Online.